Introduction by Johnny Earl

I was blessed to be born under a blue suede star which shone on me, so I could walk with musical legends that have sold and been on more number one hit records worldwide than any other musical acts in the history of popular music.

I walked them golden stairs, passed through those Graceland gates and partied ’till the early hours – it eas like being on a cloud floating in rock ‘n’ roll heaven. Dreams do come true do never stop believing anything is possible.

My journey wasn’t to the land of make-believe. I was awake, conscious and full of life – a path of highs and lows and there was no getting off this bus.

Let me take you by the hand, so you can too share my diaries of laughter and unbelievable times in the music and entertainment business. Welcome to my world of… Blue Suede Dreams.

What the World is saying...

"This is a story that has to be told. It's a must-read, so open your mind, take a seat, sit back, and you too can experience the Blue Suede Dream"

“Chillingly Authentic”


“Being on stage with Johnny is the closest thing to being back on stage with Elvis Presley”


“Mr. Rock ‘n’ Roll”


A word from Johnny Earl...


Discover Johnny's Autobiography

Honest, unedited and penned by Johnny Earl himself. Discover a sample of the brand new book, Blue Suede Dreams.

Foreword Introduction
Country Boy Heads for London
Rock ‘n’ Roll Music
Growing Up in Devon

Ray Walker… The Jordanaires

“When the Jordanaires met, and worked with Johnny Earl the first time, we knew that Elvis would have liked him and his work, and I told Johnny so at the time.

Johnny is sincere, properly aggressive, one of the best voices we have encountered, and above all, respectful of all with whom he comes in contact. Gordon, Neal, and Duane have passed on, but loved him until they left us. I love and respect him ’till this day. God bless John. Keep up the good work.

Ray Walker
Bass singer of The Jordanaires

54 Years, 365 Days.

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I was born in Exeter, Devon, and the youngest of three children. I had a sister, June, and brother, David. I had a (very strict) father, Stuart, and the person I adore more than anyone, my beautiful mummy, Patricia. My first memory was somewhere between the age of 2 or 3. I can remember being …

Growing up I was always surprised how when you mentioned the term rock ‘n’ roll music to Americans they would throw into the pot the likes of Elton John, The Rolling Stones along with Credence Clearwater Revival etc. To me, being British, the rock ‘n’ roll music does exactly what it says on the tin …

"Chillingly authentic" - Sunday People

I walked them golden stairs, passed through those Graceland gates and partied 'till the early hours - it was like being on a cloud floating in rock'n'roll heaven. Dreams do come true so never stop believing anything is possible.