Growing Up in Devon

I was born in Exeter, Devon, and the youngest of three children. I had a sister, June, and brother, David. I had a (very strict) father, Stuart, and the person I adore more than anyone, my beautiful mummy, Patricia. My first memory was somewhere between the age of 2 or 3. I can remember being in a pram at Exeter bus station and women were taking turns pinching my cheek. They had bug smiley faces, talking baby language to me in only a way that women can do. Those early years of my life were spent living in Sandford Street, Exeter, from there we moved to 100 Mount Pleasant Road. I was a pupil attending Ladysmith’s infant and junior school. I enjoyed my infant and junior days, lots of kiss chase and football. In each year you had what was called Houses (which were teams), each House having a colour; yellow, red, blue, and I was the red. When you were in the 5th year (last year of juniors) each house had 4 prefects, 16 in all, and these prefects were commanded by the highest-ranking pupil of the whole school: This person was called the monitor. Yes, the field marshal of pupils and even teachers would use the monitor to watch over their classes in emergency situations. I quite enjoyed being monitor…

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